X40 27.5 Hookless Carbon

The Loaded X-40 Hookless UD Carbon Wheels take wide to the next level. Traction and increased stability will result in pure confidence on the toughest muddy, loose, wet and rocky terrain. The wide platform allows tire sidewalls to remain more perpendicular. Thinner rims require the sidewall of the tire to angle in. By engineering a wider rim, riders can run lower air pressure and increase the overall footprint and traction.

Carbon Knitting Technique (CKT)
Loaded has developed a proprietary technique that unlike typical adhering methods secures the carbon layers together through a refined knitting and bonding process. By carefully knitting the carbon layers together, the strength of the carbon rims are significantly increased. This unique carbon knitting technique allows for:
Improved Delamination Fatigue Resistance Improved Impart Damage Tolerance Significantly Higher Ballistic Impact tolerance Weight Reduction

Nano-Elastomer Infused Resin
Loaded Carbon Rims are manufactured with high grade aerospace carbon that is infused with Nano-Elastomers. Using the Nano-Elastomers within the carbon structure allows the carbon surface area to be less affected by fracturing caused by imparts. The Nano-Elastomers provide ultra-high dampening and block fragmentation leading to maintained adhesion of the resin in the carbon fiber layers.

Quality / Testing
All Loaded carbon rims have passed EN certifications and higher levels of testing. We use aircraft grade carbon fiber and specially trained and educated carbon technicians for the labor intensive builds.

We care about riders! We know the stress put on our products. We offer a life time warranty of defects and a best in market crash replacement guaranty.

Custom Graphics Kits Available

Price $1695
1580g +/- 15g
UD Carbon Fiber
40mm External - 35mm Internal
Disc Mount
6 Bolt
F: 15mm / 142x12mm (QR Adapters Sold Separately)
Cassette Body
10spd (XD 11spd sold seperately)